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Non-Nesting with Dividers

BerryMate® tote Specifications:
Dimensions--- 18 3/4” x 13 3/8” x 4 ½”
Volume Capacity to top of divider---510 cubic inches
Weight Capacity—14 lbs.
Material—Hi Impact Thermoplastic with UV stabilizers and FDA Certs.
Reusable—Nestable and stackable.
. Increased Air Flow slots for quick cooling.
. Many Colors Available

Before the introduction of BerryMate® harvest totes, fruit and berry growers were purchasing separate dividers and assembling them into standard harvest lugs. The dividers are used as a guideline to indicate to the fruit picker when the tote is full at a volume of 510 cubic inches. As the dividers are molded in, the additional cost of separate dividers and the labor to install and maintain them have been eliminated. The Non-Nesting BerryMate® tote will not nest and can only be stacked. There is no orientation required for this style BerryMate® harvest lug. This ensures that the freshly picked berries and fruit will not be bruised or crushed by mistakenly nesting a full lug. (For a nesting BerryMate® tote see our styles page.)

The Cool Flow air vents and the lower non-stacking (long) sides of the BerryMate® harvest lug allow increased air flow producing a quicker cooled product than what is possible with wooden or standard plastic totes. All BerryMate® harvest lugs are produced from the finest FDA approved high impact thermoplastic materials. UV stabilizers are also added to help prevent color fading. BerryMate® containers are washable, mildew resistant and are 100% recyclable

BerryMate® is a division of Madan Plastics Inc., headquartered in Cranford, NJ.  For over 50 years Madan Plastics has provided quality custom injection molded products to a wide range of industries.  For more information, please visit

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